2011 Outlook for Health Care Marketing

September 20, 2011

Press Room

When asked “Where do you see the biggest opportunities / growth areas for pharma marketing in 2011?”, Shradha Agarwal, Chief Marketing Officer of ContextMedia responded that: “With the explosive proliferation of media in recent years, marketers have the tools at their disposal to build a more patient-centric plan – one that’s anchored around when, where and how patients make decisions and want to learn. This requires a tectonic change in the planning process. Marketers can now engage patients in the content of their healthcare routine, whether at the doctor’s office, pharmacy or home, with the power to offer relevant information at relevant times. Marketers that seize this opportunity by being there for consumers within the context of their healthcare routine will swiftly increase sales, acquiring new patients and driving them to higher rates of compliance. A second opportunity for marketers in 2011 is to invest in media programs that support physician-patient conversations. As media proliferates and the total amount of noise on health subjects increases, we’re seeing a ‘flight to quality’ amongst consumers. Brands that can integrate their messages into the HCP-patient relationship will enjoy a halo effect of credibility. Finally, another important consequence of this media proliferation is the opportunity for brands to step outside of the ’60-second box’ on video messages. Digital media allows for more robust, meaningful opportunities to engage patients with video because they are being reached when they’re searching for information rather than an interpretation.”