Roberto Meza

Logistics Manager

How would you describe your department’s capabilities?

Logistics takes ownership and pride in accurately delivering our product on time to each of our members. We work with numerous vendors to ensure our supply chain of displays, computer players and various cabling accessories is always fulfilled. Process improvement is something our department is continuously assessing to ensure that we provide each clinic the best and most timely service possible. Our department also works on a variety of unique fulfillment projects outside of daily operations.

What sets ContextMedia apart from competitors?

We do not outsource any aspect of our logistics operation, which allows us to give immediate attention to any situation. Our company truly cares to keep each member site in our network impressed with our services and we do what it takes to maintain that — whether it is picking up the phone or overnighting equipment; our intent to please cannot be found elsewhere. That, and the fact that we are the only logistics operation to function out of a high-rise in downtown Chicago (outside of the Chris Farley movie Tommy Boy), makes us one of a kind.

Why are you passionate about working here?

The mission and the people. Everything cascades down from the fact that we genuinely care about the service we provide. There is something special about coming into a work environment that is personal and full of drive. Knowing that everything we ship out is bettering lives is rewarding in itself — but the fact that each employee cares to do so is what will always keep me passionate.